Transitions. Photo by Barb Dalton

Relics of Summer

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

Barb Dalton
1 min readNov 30, 2021


Oie! Did someone forget about us?

I’m visiting friends in Northern Ontario who live on a small lake. It’s absolutely beautiful here and a photographers dream.

As pretty as it looks, leaving Adirondack chairs out and a seadoo in the water is a dumb idea as Winter sets in. We spotted these forgotten summer items when out walking the lakeshore road.

A thin layer of ice has already formed around the leisure craft. It’s not meant to spend the cold months immersed in water.

Those chairs will certainly disappear too. They’re destined to be whipped about when the weather turns nasty.

I guess some people have more money than sense.

I’m writing this on my cellphone and discovering some tools are not available — like choosing the correct publication to add this story to and adding my copyright symbol. Mindful it is the last day of November I’ll publish anyway.

Mary Chang Story Writer Thank you for a great prompt for November!



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